Not all Napa IT companies are alike. Computer Engineering Group (CEG) offers individuals and businesses technological services and computer support that are second to none. Our customers enjoy strategic IT-related assistance that includes business IT support, IT consulting, Apple and PC repairs, and smartphone and tablet repairs just to name a few.

We help you manage data, provide routine system maintenance, and offer support on everything from improving customer service to enhancing data security and maintaining critical digital devices.

Residential and Business IT Support in Napa, CA

When researching and selecting an IT consultant and tech equipment repair company, you’ll soon discover that many companies offer some of the services you need, but not all of them. CEG doesn’t just fix computers, smartphones, and tablets when they break. We partner with you to provide guidance on meeting your technology goals and keeping your systems and hardware running smoothly.

Our comprehensive and affordable individual and business solutions mean you don’t have to turn to other IT companies to fill in service gaps.

vCIO / Designated Network Architect

In an age of digital transformation, many companies are turning to third-party service providers as a cost-effective way to benefit from high-level roles like chief information officers. These vCIOs, or virtual chief information officers, are designated network architects who help you:

  • Develop long-term, growth-related IT resource strategies.
  • Manage your IT strategy.
  • Meet budgetary goals.

Technology is now the backbone of businesses large and small. It’s used to process payments, schedule appointments, pay employees, and send marketing emails. Whether you have your own internal IT team or outsource some or all of your IT processes, you could probably benefit from a vCIO’s strategic expertise.

Consulting & Management

Maintaining an in-house IT staff can be costly and counterproductive for many businesses. Our customized IT consulting and management services include:

  1. IT management. CEG’s state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and professional expertise ensure your IT systems perform optimally and are protected against cyber threats. Our dedicated IT project management, consulting, and monitoring services deliver consistent performance and minimize disruptive downtime.
  2. Network assessments. All networks should be routinely reviewed to pinpoint areas of vulnerability, find where you can improve functionality, fix data bottlenecks, identify expansion opportunities, and enhance decision-making.
  3. Network maintenance. We identify and fix minor problems in your information network before they become costly issues. We also provide 24-hour emergency support.
  4. IT security. Your company’s network is essential for data transmission, routing, and more. CEG uses the best technologies to keep it safe, ensuring business continuity and server hardware performance. We regularly back up your data into a secure cloud environment, so you remain protected from natural disasters or other network failures. And we train employees to recognize and defend your system from cyberattacks.
  5. Mobile device management. As more people work remotely or out in the field, mobile devices have become essential tools for communication and accessing real-time information. But they’re also more prone to damage and loss than stationary equipment. Our technicians perform mobile device tune-ups, system upgrades, spyware and virus removal, backup, recovery, and more.


Installing and maintaining IT systems requires expertise, ongoing monitoring and maintenance, and long-term accountability to ensure top performance. CEG’s IT project management services include:

  • Planning and management that align technology and data management with your company’s objectives and workflows. Our designated network architect provides the critical support needed to support your current and future needs, and our IT project management solutions help you navigate the technologies your business requires to grow and thrive.
  • Business migrations ensure your enterprise can continue to grow, whether that means developing new products and services are expanding into new territories. Our solutions help you stay on track for success, and our hardware and software recommendations help you maintain business continuity.
  • Compliance management helps you find workable solutions for regulations and laws established by HIPAA, the SEC, and the PCI.
  • IT project management is used to integrate new capabilities into your current systems without disrupting existing information flows.

Business Continuity

Natural and man-made disasters come in all sizes and forms and can strike at any time. Our business continuity services take a proactive approach to managing breakdowns. Disaster recovery and planning, including data redundancy, keeps your business running and allows you to continue serving customers, most of whom won’t know a disaster has occurred.

Network Engineering

As your business transforms and grows, its information and communication needs can dramatically change. CEG’s network engineering services give you the ability to work and coordinate from multiple locations, provide on-site internet access for customers, and take advantage of wireless solutions.


CEG’s team is prepared to respond immediately to secure your network and information. Our support services range from outsourced IT helpdesk support and on-site services to proactive monitoring and disaster responses. Our 24-hour on-site emergency support ensures your system is restored to normalcy as quickly as possible. We also provide administrative and protective activities that include support for hosted services, troubleshooting connectivity problems, and providing training.

Staff Augmentation

Most businesses have times when they need more advanced IT support or helpdesk assistance. Staff augmentation services place highly trained experts at your location to work on specialized projects or fill gaps created by sick leaves, vacation time, or employee turnover. Smaller companies in particular find staff augmentation to be a cost-effective way to get the expertise they need without having to hire additional staff.

Cloud Services

Data loss due to system failures, fire or water damage, natural disaster, or other unexpected events can be catastrophic to a business. Secure, cloud-based servers and backups ensure business continuity and eliminate the costs associated with on-site hardware. Our cloud services include:

  1. Hosted Exchange mail
  2. Hosted servers
  3. Managed backup
  4. Managed antivirus protection
  5. DNS/Registrar management

Business Services

CEG offers affordable and effective business IT services that run the gamut from standard IT solutions to large-scale project management. We work hard to ensure your business’s technologies maintain pace with its needs, no matter how complex or demanding.

Residential Services

Is there anything more frustrating than when your home computer or mobile phone stops working in the middle of a big project? CEG’s residential IT services include cloud and data recovery, computer support and tune-ups, operating system upgrades, wireless networking, and more. We ensure you don’t have to be without your desktop or mobile device any longer than necessary.