Professional information systems for your growing business.

How does a small, growing enterprise develop right-sized information systems that eliminate manual tasks, summarize activity, and provide a network of data that is accessible from multiple computers and remote locations? As importantly, how can this happen without incurring unsustainable costs?

Working with a CEG Designated Network Architect (DNA)

Large corporations invest substantial capital to employ in-house Information Systems personnel to design, monitor, install and maintain systems that support the company’s strategies and provide information at every level.

Alternatively, Computer Engineering Group (CEG) of Napa can be your outsourced technology partner dedicated to installing, implementing, and maintaining IT equipment and functions that align with your strategic business goals at a fraction of the cost of employing in-house staff.

Headquartered in the heart of world-famous Napa Valley, CEG serves clients throughout the East and North Bay regions.

A CEG Designated Network Architect (DNA) understands how information and technology infrastructure drives a company’s growth and profitability, whether that’s a computer-based customer relationship management system or an electronic health record. Cost-effectively maintaining your systems without incurring disruptive breakdowns is a primary objective.

Designated Network Architect Program

A Designated Network Architect will:

  • Help develop long-term IT resource strategies to maintain growth
  • Advise about IT equipment procurement specifically tailored designed to your company
  • Source and install software systems that conform to company needs
  • Provide ongoing IT planning and support
  • Keep IT initiatives in focus and on budget
  • Stay ahead of trends in Information Technology
  • Provide ongoing system and hardware maintenance
  • Maintain system security

Strategy and Planning

Helping your company reach its goals must be a collaborative effort.
Building the right framework for gathering, grouping, and presenting data will be the Designated Network Architect’s primary mission. With our strategic direction, the DNA from CEG will design, build, and maintain an environment that includes computers, servers, network hardware, large-scale wireless networks, point-to-point wireless connections, and more.

CEG will also supply an ongoing helpdesk for maintenance and support to ensure smooth operations.

Systems Maintenance

CEG’s service contract assigns a staff technician/engineer who is responsible for overall system maintenance, upgrades, and systems security. Testing and scheduled maintenance are ongoing. Nightly updates and antivirus or antimalware scans are performed to prevent costly infections such as ransomware.

Contact Computer Engineering Group

We at CEG are excited to have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate to bring cutting edge management systems to your business. Our Designated Network Architect will structure your IT system to deliver necessary information and perform those functions that could be keeping your company from achieving new growth and profit objectives.

Contact CEG to learn how our professionals can advise and maintain the tools that may be missing from your business. We will assign a dedicated, professional DNA to your company at a cost far less than hiring in-house staff, with a full team of technology professionals backing every DNA.


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