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Even with your own IT staff or specialist to manage day-to-day in-house systems management activities, sometimes more advanced computer engineering skills will be required. The technical skills necessary for large scale projects, remote requirements, and other functions may be beyond the level of expertise of your in-house specialist or the time required might detract from other jobs. Our IT team can also help cover your in-house IT staff when needed, such as sick leave or vacations.

Alternatively, if your IT Manager oversees only the implementation of high-level strategies, “staffing up” to try to meet every contingency can be a significant resource drain.

In these instances, CEG of Napa can augment your staff by placing a highly trained and experienced computer engineers at your location to fill in the gaps. Also, you will have the backup support of CEG’s helpdesk and other technical staff to help smooth over the rough patches that may occur.

Benefits of CEG’s Staff Augmentation Program

For smaller companies, CEG’s staff augmentation is cost effective. Paying only for what you need when you need it, supplemented by CEG’s staff of experts for additional help, eliminates the cost of keeping a whole team on board for contingency situations.

The individual that CEG places with your company remains a CEG employee while working as part of your team. Your company will not be responsible for managing payroll, employee benefits, and other human resources elements.

Tier-3 Engineering

Computer engineering issues are categorized by Tiers 1, 2, and 3. Tier 3 is the top level of engineering support, consisting of the most complex and detailed variables. Tier-3 challenges are in-depth, complicated problems that may be out of reach for your current IT staff and may even require working with the technology creator or manufacturer to identify solutions.

Due to the complexity of these type of problems, only the most highly trained engineers are qualified. CE Group can place a Tier-3 expert at your disposal for the more serious technical issues.

Outsourced On-Site Support

CEG augments your current staff by providing additional on-site support for your business. In some cases, companies have IT staff, but they may be remote or require additional support to keep everything running. On-site support personnel can monitor, test, upgrade, and ensure secure automatic data back-up of your systems to keep them working correctly as well as provide day-to-day helpdesk functions if required.

With in-house support plus round-the-clock backup capability by CEG’s professionals, this affordable service will provide you with the peace-of-mind that allow the rest of your staff to focus on your primary business objectives.

Helpdesk Services

Help is always available for CEG’s clients. Should an emergency or apparent breakdown occur, the CEG Helpdesk is on call. Whether the problems can be resolved remotely, as in many cases, or a hands-on presence is required, the professionals at CEG will place your situation at the highest priority level until the problems are resolved.

Bridging the Gap

Whether augmenting your staff with an onsite high-level engineer, providing periodic highly technical services, or acting as your backup IT advisors, CEG will add value and eliminate headaches for growing companies.
Keeping excessive staffing costs down while maintaining efficient IT systems should be your mission.


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