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CEG operates a three-pronged business designed to provide the highest level of technological service to our important business and retail customers.

Our three distinct areas of focus are:


IT Security


IT Consulting & Management


IT Services

 By adapting to change to grow and succeed, we are today a more flexible and strategic IT consultant and tech equipment repair company.

Our Story

The CEG Journey Begins

I recognized that computer technology was having a considerable impact on business and industry. Companies were quickly learning that much more could be accomplished with computer technology, thereby allowing human resources to carry out more meaningful tasks.

In 1989, a Napa-based IT consultant company now called CEG was born to help customers manage data to generate timely and actionable output. CEG also provided routine maintenance on customer systems to reduce the risk of a shut-down.

Armed with a strong commitment to customer service, we helped several businesses keep pace as computer technology became more and more sophisticated.

Impact of the 2008 Economic Crisis

The unexpected economic downturn of 2008 impacted everyone. My IT consulting business suffered as some clients were forced to cut corners, curtail expenditures, and eliminate all but their most essential positions.

For my company, successful expansion meant branching out to other technologies to create more opportunity.

Computer Repair Growth

Realizing that almost all individuals and companies were using desktops, laptops, and notebook computers, the potential for breakdown and the need for repair was increasing significantly.

There was no local computer repair business within a radius of several miles of the City of Napa. As an experiment, I put out an A-frame sign in front of my building that advertised computer repair. My hunch paid off because soon I needed to hire a qualified technician to handle the additional volume.

Today, the computer repair and maintenance business supplement the IT consultant activities and continues to grow.

Smartphone Repair Services

In 2012, I bought my first Apple iPhone. After the first twelve months when the warranty had expired, the speaker stopped functioning. I searched for local support to work on the phone, but there was none. In fact, I found the nearest capable phone repair service to be over two hours away. I realized that thousands of other people in Napa Valley and surrounding areas were undoubtedly going to have phone problems eventually. That realization prompted me to consider phone repair service as another CEG service.

After acquiring the training to proceed, I hired a talented individual who specialized in phone repair. We developed a strong business relationship with LG, the principal manufacturer of Apple phone components, to supply parts that we would need to fix our customers’ phones.

By 2014, CEG was now immersed in three distinct business areas: IT Consultant Services, PC and Apple computer repair, and phone repair.

Acquisitions for Growth

In 2014, I determined that we could strengthen the organization strategically by acquiring companies that could broaden CEG’s reach and capability. Each company and business owner that joined our team was ready to move on from their existing setting and benefit from an acquisition.

The first acquisition, Valley Tech Solutions owned by Chris Raschko, allowed us to bolster our computer repair and IT consultant capabilities. With that transaction, we gained a valuable team member, Dylan Williams, now our Senior IT Consultant.

In 2015, we acquired Able 1 Computers from the then-retiring David Taboni. This acquisition further enhanced our group’s technical capability. Later that year Erich Jinks of Erich’s Tech Help joined the Team and has since become our current Operations Manager.

In 2016, to complete our ensemble of recent business acquisitions, we purchased Hyperlogic in Hercules from a former classmate of mine, Stephen Campbell. Acquiring this company and location offered us an opportunity to reach customers with branch offices in Contra Cosa County and the surrounding areas more effectively.

Managed Security Services Provider

In 2021 a major vulnerability was discovered within a product of one of the major Remote Monitoring and Management vendors in the world. A group of bad actors (or “hackers” colloquially) wrote a script that injected itself into this massive RMM product and executed during an update of the software infecting several dozen Managed IT Services Providers in the US. This then allowed the bad actors to gain access to thousands of clients.

To combat this, we sent our management team to an IT security conference put on by ConnectWise in Florida called IT Nation: Secure. This later lead to CEG pursuing and acquiring the AICPA SOC (Service Organization Controls) 2 Security Certification we now hold both for our comfort as an organization and our clients’ confidence that CEG implements best practices when it comes to how we handle data and services we manage for our clients.

My Philosophy for Growth

Persistence, flexibility, and collaborative involvement are the underpinnings of CEG. I have seen that accepting the status quo without striving to improve can be a recipe for failure. I strive to match the growing demands of the marketplace with the never-ending development of new technology. To this end, I continue to seek talented people and breakthrough ideas that will support our business growth.

In the interest of collaboration and teamwork, I consult with my Management Team before making any major decisions. After all, I realize that any significant decision will likely impact their lives as well.

To better serve our customers and enjoy the synergies of a cooperative effort, we have consolidated our St. Helena retail, Napa retail, and IT Business Office under a single roof in Napa. Bringing our management and staff professionals under a single roof allows CEG to provide more efficient and comprehensive services for all clients.

Meet Our Managing Team

“Very talented and amazing team. We upgraded our systems and have partnered up with them for the long haul. They are our new I.T. pro’s. Highly recommend.”

“Fantastic service! Quick turn around and expert technicians with reasonable fees. I’ll never take my laptop anywhere else!” – Marsha

“Extremely reasonable price, next day appointment, easy parking, These guys are experts!” – Larry

“I am happy with the CE-Group. They helped me to fix the problem in my laptop. The staff was friendly and professional, and I highly recommend them” – Harry J


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