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Even though your existing computer system may still be adequately storing data and managing vendor, customer, and employee information, what would happen if all that data should disappear?

Disaster in many forms can strike IT systems unexpectedly, leaving your business in a state of semi-shock and possibly unprepared to recover.

Proactivity is the solution for managing major breakdowns due to unpreventable natural disasters. Taking the necessary steps to ensure your information is backed up and retrievable is one important role of a professional Information Technology service like CEG. We help you develop a business continuity plan so you can keep thriving.

How CEG Protects Your Business & Maintains Continuity:

Disaster Recovery and Planning

Disasters may come from many different directions. Accidents stemming from violent weather conditions, fire or explosions, sabotage, or environmental factors may cause a sudden breakdown. Electrical outages and communications snafus often occur that result in temporary or longer interruptions.

And, more common all the time, cyber attacks can bring your system down for an indeterminable period without the proper protection.

A CE Group professional will:

  • Assess your existing system.
  • Propose a Business Continuity Plan that establishes guidance and leadership responsibilities, specific measures, training, and testing for readiness.
  • Define contingencies.
  • Collaborate on realistic disaster response and recovery programs to keep essential output and services running while putting your business back on a normal course.

The key objective of a strong Business Continuity Plan is to keep your business running so your clients do not suspect a disaster has occurred. Remaining in operation can actually become a competitive advantage.

The cost of protection is far less than the cost of a major disruption.

Network Maintenance

Effective and secure information networks demand ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Our management services continually oversee your programs and fix developing problems before they can become serious. In addition to periodic network system upgrades, we offer 24-hour emergency support.


Redundancy is the principal element of disaster mitigation. Keeping all information in a single location is the ultimate IT mistake. CEG technicians provide professionally managed back-up services, automatically storing data in a secure Cloud environment.

While companies usually do understand the need for backing up important data, they do not test the systems on a regular schedule. As a result, they may return to their back-up storage, only to find the data is either inadequate, incomplete, or non-existent. CEG’s Managed Disaster Recovery and Backup Testing program will monitor your data back-up system regularly to ensure continuity and quality.

Whether your disruption is caused by a natural occurrence like fire, earthquake, or flood, or a localized problem like a power outage, a CEG professional is immediately available to restore your data to keep your business on track with a business continuity plan.

Automated reliable data back-up is insurance against “human factor” errors involved in reviewing logs and other data back-up practices

Let CEG Protect and Maintain Your Business Continuity

Stuff happens. When you feel comfortable that your systems are operating smoothly without interference, suddenly everything goes blank. Do you have a back-up plan? Can you recover your data? How can you serve your customers? How much must you spend to get your systems back on track? Will your competitors take advantage of your troubles?

Your insurance policy for such a breakdown is a solid Business Continuity Plan and professionally managed data storage capability.

Having a professional IT partner to help you avoid a crisis is critical. CEG is located in beautiful Napa and serves clients throughout the East and North Bay areas. We provide a professional project manager and certified technicians to prepare your company for any contingency.

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