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Excellent support and responsive service are the key components of CEG’s customer promise. For every contingency, we are prepared to respond immediately to secure your network and information.

Outsourced IT Helpdesk Support

CEG has seen computer system breakdowns paralyze entire businesses, interfere with regular activity and result in idled employees. Not only do system malfunctions disrupt progress, but customer impact and employee downtime can also be very costly.

For employees working in or away from the central office, CEG provides remote call-in services to address any malfunction issue via our IT helpdesk support. With our capability to access each computer or devise in your system remotely and securely, our technician can:

  • Monitor, diagnose, and solve problems
  • Restore printer and other accessory connections
  • Update Anti-virus and Anti-spam protection
  • Provide maintenance and upgrades for hand-held devices
  • Solve connectivity issues

Onsite Services

In addition to IT helpdesk support, our skilled technicians perform regular maintenance and upgrades while protecting your information and systems to the fullest. Automatic data back-up, ongoing equipment maintenance, routine systems testing, and user training are proactively designed to avert avoidable breakdowns.

Proactive Monitoring

Responding to problems or glitches before they impact your business is an integral part of our service. CEG oversees your systems with around-the-clock monitoring software that allows us to respond immediately. In most instances, we can detect and resolve malfunctions even before you are aware of them.

Emergency Services

CEG provides 24-hour, on-site emergency support for our clients to ensure systems run smoothly. As with any sophisticated device or equipment, computer systems can break down for no apparent reason. When this happens, CEG technicians will immediately respond to restore your system to normal operations.

Disaster Responses

Should a natural or other disaster occur, CEG technicians who are knowledgeable of your systems and processes will react immediately and tirelessly to make you operational once again.

System Administration

Network designs can be complicated. Having a CEG professional to monitor and administer the performance of your systems will ensure the best results.

Administrative and protective activities include:

  • Continual system and infrastructure monitoring
  • Creating, implementing, and supporting single and multi-server infrastructure
  • Support for hosted services
  • Regular on-site checkups of computers, groups, handheld devices
  • Troubleshooting connectivity problems
  • Setting up and testing automatic data backup
  • Providing individual and group training

Server Support

While much of the support is managed remotely, like our IT helpdesk support, regularly scheduled on-site visits by your assigned technician will ensure smooth operations. Whether yours is a single or multi-server network, a CEG expert will conduct tests, troubleshoot any existing problems, and upgrade systems, as needed.

CEG’s principal goal will be to extend the effective life of your equipment and software for as long as feasible to minimize your company’s long-term capital IT expenditure.

From systems design. implementation, proactive remote monitoring, on-site testing, upgrading, and backing up data to systems repair and recovery, CEG works closely with clients to provide a responsive, seamless, and effective network to support their business.

If you’re interested in any of our support services such as IT helpdesk support, system admin, and more, contact us today!


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