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Trusting the installation and maintenance of your Information Technology to a questionably competent relative or friend is not a good solution. The job requires certified expertise, ongoing monitoring and maintenance, communication, and long-term accountability to assure the performance you need. We offer IT project management so your business can thrive.

A smoothly performing IT system is vital to any business. Computer breakdowns can range from annoying to catastrophic as companies struggle desperately to recover.

Smaller companies derive their greatest value by outsourcing IT support to professionals who will design, implement, and monitor their computer systems, maintain security, and keep the network current.

CEG, a Napa I.T. company, has invested extensively in professional expertise and equipment to build and tailor systems to meet your needs. CEG professionals will solve your technology challenges by designing the right-sized systems, creating interconnectivity, and proactively monitoring your network, computers, server, hardware, and software infrastructure to prevent service interruptions.

Planning & Management

Information system development begins with a plan to align technology and data management with your company’s core objectives and workflow. CEG’s Designated Network Architect will offer a network plan to support your current and future needs and provide critical support to maintain performance. Our IT project management solutions will help you navigate the technologies that your business requires.

With systems in place, CEG provides continual monitoring and updating. Our technicians:

  • Provide Proactive System Monitoring
  • Keep Your Systems Up-to-Date
  • Install Essential Security Protections
  • Maintain anti-Spam and anti-virus Defenses
  • Configure IT Management Reporting
  • Create Remote Accessibility
  • Employ Private Cloud Hosting
  • Provide Rapid Response and Disaster Recovery

Outsourcing IT support and maintenance allow companies to focus resources on building their core business.

Business Migrations

Businesses must embrace change to grow and survive. Changes may manifest themselves in unexpected ways.

As companies expand into new territories or services, IT systems must also change. CEG can ensure your company remains on track with the most efficient, right-sized IT architecture and reporting ability.

In most instances, growth and change require a well-planned, seamless migration of existing data, without disruption, into upgraded systems. After reviewing volume and reporting needs, a CEG expert will recommend the appropriate hardware/software additions to maintain business continuity information and sustain growth.

Compliance Management

An important service component that we at CEG provide involves Compliance Management. Our experts evaluate and find workable solutions for:

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 requires that specific measure related to the medical industry be conducted like regular auditing and other measures.

SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission requires accurate record keeping and other measures related to financial entities and transactions.

PCI: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requires compliance measures designed to protect essential customer information and identity.

IT Project Management

As businesses and technology evolve, special IT project management and planning is warranted. CEG’s certified professionals can integrate new capabilities into your systems without disrupting existing information flows.

A CEG Project Manager can:

  • Add additional capacity, as needed
  • Handle data migrations to new hardware systems
  • Appropriately configure your server, firewalls, routers, and more

Maintain constant IT support during moves and expansions

Contact Computer Engineering Group

CEG of Napa employs an extensive staff of professional managers, technicians, and staff armed with a broad diversity of skills and experience. Our Group is frequently called on to solve problems that are found to be beyond the scope of in-house technicians.

If you are ready for an Information Systems upgrade but are not sure how to go about it, contact CEG to discuss the best and most economical way to manage this essential function. We offer IT project management to businesses seeking innovative solutions.

As IT professionals serving the East and North Bay areas and adjacent counties, we will support your business initiative with professional planning, information systems development, and support and maintenance so you can focus on your primary mission.

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