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As your business develops, your information and communication needs change. Opportunities for you and your staff to branch out to work and coordinate from multiple locations will become a regular part of doing business. Or, perhaps your business requires that you provide on-site internet access for your customers, but you are not sure how to handle access from desired locations.

A Designated Network Architect (DNA) from CEG, serving businesses in the East and North Bay from their headquarters in beautiful Napa, can provide expert services that include:

  • Building your network from the ground up and planning for expandability
  • Planning and deploying multi-site networks
  • Creating and maintaining indoor and outdoor wireless network
  • Engineering a server, workstation and mobile device network to support your growing company.

Our Network Engineering process involves design, communications, internet protocols, security, and troubleshooting. We provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades for your systems.

Multi-Site Networking

For businesses with more than one location, we plan multi-site network deployment via virtual private networks or carrier services that allows co-workers and associates to share common data such as documents, operational procedures and applications as well as communicate and collaborate as if they were in the same room. Any real-time information available to one user can be visible to others except when accessibility restrictions are applied.

Company associates in a home office in the East or North Bay areas, for example, may view real-time customer profiles and transactions, for instance, throughout branch offices elsewhere. Network connectivity allows participants to video conference easily from various locations with all participants seeing the same information at the same time.

Collaborators can coordinate project development from anywhere.

Wireless for Your Business


Customers of hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, and other locations where customer linger always expect to have internet access. Our professionals at CEG will plan and install small to large scale wireless networks in both indoor and outdoor venues with point-to-point access specific to your site. Customers of hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, and other locations where customer linger usually expect to have internet access.

Scalable Infrastructure

As companies grow, the network may need to expand as well. When engineering a network, our technicians will scale it to fit existing volume, users, and conditions while planning for adapting quickly to future expansion in exponential growth scenarios.


CEG professionals build right-sized systems from the ground up, plan for growth and building redundancy to ensure that any interruptions have minimal impact on your business.

Network Security

Our group’s principal mission is to ensure the security of your data and communications. With ongoing upgrades and monitoring, our network specialists can provide these protection measures:

  • Email security
  • Security training
  • Spam and malware protection
  • Data backup
  • Disaster recovery

Assessments and Maintenance

With a CEG Service Contract, a designated network architect will provide ongoing network monitoring, maintenance, and testing. And in case of natural disaster or other disruption, we will respond immediately to repairing or replace equipment and recover back up data to get our system back online as quickly as possible.


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