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Technology is the foundation of today’s business. Gathering, interpreting, and converting information into compelling, actionable solutions can make the difference between growing or staying put, competing or failing. For many companies, maintaining an in-house IT budget and staff can be very costly and counterproductive.

CEG provides professional customized information technology management services including:

IT Management

The resources required to maintain, update, and repair an in-house network infrastructure of any size can be extraordinary. We at CEG have invested in the state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and highly trained professionals to ensure your systems perform effectively, without interruption or security risk. We assure top performance with dedicated IT project management collaboration, IT consulting and oversight, around-the-clock systems monitoring, support desk, mobile device management, and more.

Network Assessments

Periodic network assessments are an essential part of CEG’s Managed IT Consulting Services. Routinely, we review your systems to identify opportunities to improve functionality, vulnerability, data bottlenecks, and the identification of opportunities to expand or contract data sourcing to improve decision making.

Network Maintenance

Effective and secure information networks demand ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Our management services continually oversee your programs and fix developing problems before they can become serious. In addition to periodic network system upgrades, we offer 24-hour emergency support.

IT Security

Protecting your data is one of our most essential functions. Our Information Technology professionals monitor your systems for suspicious activity and continually upgrade protection levels. We will train your employees to recognize and protect against cyber-attacks. We also provide secure email, firewall and internet systems.

Because CEG’s Management Services backs up all data regularly into a secure cloud environment, our professionals can immediately facilitate data and system recovery that might result from natural disasters or other network failures.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are essential tools for accessing real-time information and communication from remote locations. While upgrades to IT systems are ongoing, mobile devices also require attention to maintain compatibility.

Moreover, because mobile devices are naturally more vulnerable to damage and loss than stationary equipment, our professionals can provide backup and damage repair services you need.

CEG technicians offer periodic mobile device tune-ups, virus and spyware removal, systems upgrades, and backup and recovery. If you’re interested in out IT consulting and management services, contact us today!


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