Today wineries use technology tools for everything from accounting processes and distribution to managing inventory and production. And like many companies that rely on technology to run and grow their businesses, wineries often lack the internal resources to handle all their IT needs.

Since 1989, CEG has provided local businesses with the IT consulting and business IT support they need to:

  • Manage data
  • Maintain their IT systems
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance data security
  • Maintain critical software systems and infrastructure

Even if you’re happy with your current systems, a lack of support could mean you’re not getting everything you could out of them. For instance, how often is your software and hardware updated? Does your data still live on computer drives, or have you moved to the cloud? Is there a backup in place?

Bringing in an experienced business IT support company like CEG can help you discover better solutions and strategies to meet your winery’s needs and allow you to get the most out of your technology.

Business IT Support for Wineries: CEG’s Process

Producing a great wine takes passion, patience, and persistence. It also requires a considerable time investment. And that often means other tasks, including IT maintenance, are put on the back burner.

When you partner with CEG to help manage your winery’s tech systems, we begin the process by thoroughly assessing your needs and current situation. Items we look at include:


  • Is there a server? If so, how old is it?
  • What’s the average age of computers? Which are the newest and oldest?
  • Is the tank monitoring system network connected?
  • What sort of firewall and network hardware is in place?
  • What is the phone system in place?


  • What point of sale system is in place?
  • Are there integrations to e-mail we need to be aware of?
  • Where is the e-mail system hosted, and on what platform?


  • Is guest wireless required?
  • What sort of existing security measures are in place?
  • Are there multiple buildings on the property causing unique networking challenges?
  • Is there a cave onsite? Is wireless required in it?
  • Is there any planned construction or remodeling?


  • Does the winery carry cyber liability insurance?
  • Is there an established budget for IT?
  • Is there a key individual on site for us to consult with?
  • What does hiring look like over the next few years?
  • Are there any remote workers?
  • What are their operating hours?
  • Is after-hours support required?

IT Consulting

  • Does the winery have a plan for growth?
  • Are vendor support contracts in place for any networked winery equipment, such as bottling equipment?
  • What do day-to-day support requirements look like?
  • What is the business impact of inefficient technology systems and processes? How can we help resolve those?

Working with a third-party service provider that offers business support and IT consulting is a cost-effective way to improve efficiency and develop long-term, growth-related IT resource strategies.

Whether you need support for hosted services, training, or connectivity issues, CEG’s affordable and effective IT solutions ensure your winery’s technologies meet your unique business needs and improve daily operations.

Contact us online to learn more about how we can help solve all your IT challenges!