In our role as an IT consultant, we’re often asked if there’s a set schedule for businesses to update their equipment. While most IT equipment can function perfectly fine for five to ten years, updating it sooner ensures it has the processing power you need to run essential software while lessening the chance of more frequent breakdowns.

CEG offers affordance and effective IT services that make sure your company’s technology keeps pace with your business needs. This post sets out why your business should regularly update its hardware and when replacing equipment is a wiser move than repairing it.

Why Should You Replace Your Business’s Equipment?

Keeping your business’s tech equipment up-to-date is essential to maintain employee productivity and protect you against security attacks and viruses. That’s because if you wait too long to replace it, you’re likely to lose time and money to frequent malfunctions and repairs. To prevent that from happening, you need to consider how much more you would save by updating or replacing your equipment rather than trying to maintain it.

An IT consultant can guide you on what signs to look for to determine if it’s time to replace your business’s equipment, including:

  1. Staff frustration due to slow or erratic performance. Though most employees adapt to dealing with equipment quirks, they’re less likely to accept slow-loading websites, frequent crashes, or having to work with legacy operating systems.
  2. You can no longer install the latest software on your equipment. Whether it’s more features, better functionalities, or enhanced security protocols, updates are critical in keeping your business running optimally. If you can’t take advantage of these benefits because your equipment is too old, you could be exposing your business to cybersecurity threats.
  3. Frequent breakdowns can cause business interruption or downtime. While routine checkups and maintenance extend your hardware’s lifespan, at some point it’s more cost and time-effective to replace the equipment.

Replacing your business equipment approximately every three years ensures you have the latest security features, keeps staff morale high, and maintains or increases productivity.

IT Consulting Services You Can Depend On

Aging or outdated equipment can directly impact your bottom line, with repairs and downtime affecting productivity and cash flow. As your trusted IT consultant, CEG can help you control costs, keep your tech equipment in check, and ensure your business is as productive and secure as possible.

Our IT support and consulting services are designed to help you replace legacy systems with more efficient equipment that drives your business forward. Contact us today to learn more.