Small and mid-sized businesses often face a continual challenge of limited cash flow. Growing companies need to focus on sales and improving the customer experience to succeed and avoid unnecessary expense where possible.

Using scarce capital to maintain staff for support functions like inhouse IT can be counterproductive.

To keep your focus on the right target, you can still benefit from the expertise and tools you need without investing enormous sums for staff to maintain effective IT support. Outsourcing IT services to a proven and experienced IT consulting company will deliver the tools and data security without the unnecessary expense of dedicated staff.

Resolution 1: Choose an Outside Professional Group for Your IT Services

An IT consulting company like CEG Group in Napa can become your acting-CIO (Chief Information Officer).

An experienced CIO provides:

  • Guidance based on extensive experience and knowledge
  • Assistance to create an IT Services Plan
  • Consultation and advice regarding the appropriate equipment to use
  • Recommendations for the proper decision-making tools
  • Assurance that your data will always be protected and saved
  • Proactive maintenance for all equipment
  • Secure data backup in case of a natural disaster
  • 24-hour service in case of emergencies

An IT Consulting Plan with CEG Group of Napa will keep you on the leading edge of decision-making technology without investing large amounts for full-time staffing. You will pay only for the services you need.

Resolution 2: Evaluate Your IT Status

Do you have the right technology on hand to make the best decisions? An experienced and qualified IT consulting partner who understands the costs and benefits of each element can help you with this decision. A review is essential, but make sure you have a targeted, analytic, and impartial evaluation before deciding what you will need.

Resolution 3: Engage Employees

Before proceeding with any IT program, you should request input from all employees to ensure the program is comprehensive enough to cover all their potential needs. The complete buy-in of new applications will make everything work better.

Resolution 4: Learn About Productivity Tools

Every function in your business is measurable. The right tools and data allow teams to gauge performance, make improvements in their process, and compare progress and growth. Manufacturing can improve output rates, reduce waste, and identify bottlenecks for improvement. Supply chain personnel can improve warehouse turnover, shorten lead-times, and eliminate unnecessary and expensive safety stock.

Resolution 5: Implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

Since your customers are the essential part of your business, tracking their responses and behaviors about your services is vital. By monitoring these elements, you can personalize your service and enhance your supplier-customer relationship.

Keeping Your Resolutions

These missions require considerable work and focus. Unless you have a massive surplus of capital to hire a department of IT professionals, outsourcing IT is the best solution.

At CEG Group, a reputable and experienced IT services group headquartered in Napa, we will help you honor all IT resolutions you make and provide dedicated implementation, maintenance, oversight, and planning for your business.

For more information, visit CEG Group’s website to learn more about how we help companies meet their resolutions.

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