During a time of growing cybercrime and sophisticated identity theft, internet commerce and communication is leaving users more vulnerable than ever. Although it may require a bit more time and effort, an extra layer of login security keeps your information far more secure.

Two-factor authentication is a method of accessing online accounts and devices by requiring an additional step beyond the initial password. This protocol protects your data from intrusion by requiring a hacker to have two credentials, not just one, to gain access.

While finding ways to access your initial password is not always straightforward, it is frequently successful. A second layer of authentication makes intrusion by uninvited guests nearly impossible.

Single-Factor Vulnerability

Hackers discover single passwords, even complex ones, through a variety of techniques. They employ such techniques as:

  • Phishing: Hackers may send you a link to a malicious website that entices the recipient to enter a password or other information. In these instances, entering information can trick the recipient into downloading a malicious program that searches your computer for stored passwords.
  • Spidering: Hackers’ programs gather information from companies and social media that can provide clues and word lists that may lead to password discovery.
  • Social Engineering: Another tactic involves the hacker gaining the confidence and trust of a user through social media or other means to obtain their confidence sufficiently to share vital information.

In another instance, a visitor may leave a thumb drive laden with a specially designed malware lying around. When a user opens the drive to identify the owner, the malware instantly loads, and personal files containing passwords may be exposed.

  • “Brute Force” Searches: Hackers use programs designed to use personal information to uncover passwords through trial and error. These keep submitting password variations until they are successful.

Cost of Recent Data Breaches

According to a Forbes Report, 3,800 publicly reported data breaches compromised 4.1 billion records just in the first  six months of 2019

Businesses are particularly vulnerable to lapses in cybersecurity. After all, companies maintain not only records of their own histories and transactions, but also the vital data belonging to their clientele. Breaches in data security, even with some of the world’s top companies, have become frequent and have cost those organizations millions of dollars.

As a result, individual customers have experienced personal identity theft that resulted in financial loss and immeasurable stress.

Protecting Data with a Secure 2-Factor Authentication

With the guidance of a proven Business IT Support company like CEG Group in Napa, your company records can receive that essential extra layer of protection each time any individual seeks access to your systems. The IT company will create a secondary code system that sends a specific code to a mobile device or email accounts each time access is requested.

In some instances, biometrics, like facial recognition or fingerprints, can act as the secondary authentication method.

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