Information technology costs are an integral part of business expenditures. Reports and information generated by your IT system provide critical real-time data for decision making, managing clients and invoices, tracking inventory, maintaining personnel records, and helping to set the strategic direction of any enterprise.

Even a temporary disruption in your IT systems can be a devastating event.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Any way to save money and while getting the job done properly is worthwhile to any business.

Working with a managed information technology service company will reduce the costs of employees, equipment, and software by:

  • Paying only for the labor you use
  • Right-sizing the hardware needed
  • Providing proactive maintenance
  • Working with experienced professionals to develop systems that help manage your company, create only necessary reports, provide security from malware, virus, or unwanted intrusion.
  • Managed services create backup capability in case of natural disaster or other disruption.

Having readily available, ongoing equipment maintenance and data backup are far less expensive than calling for emergency help each time an emergency occurs.

How a Managed IT Support Company Saves Companies Money

A professional managed IT support company offers:

Service Continuity

Working with an expert IT support team is less expensive than hiring even a single staff “expert” to manage your systems. If your systems should break down, which happens occasionally, your company will not be stuck until someone figures out a way to fix it. Carefully planned redundancy and contingency plans managed by your IT partner will have you back in business quickly.

Remote Infrastructure Support

Your managed IT services company can provide       24-hour monitoring, remote management, and ongoing maintenance to minimize the chances of disruption.

Help Desk

Your IT Team will always be available for direct assistance should an employee require help with any system-related issues.

Data Backup

Storing data offsite is a crucial defense against unexpected breakdowns and unfortunate disasters.

Vendor Management

Handling the technology vendors can be time-consuming. Your IT professionals understand your needs and will interface with vendors on your behalf.

Mobile Device Management

Field or traveling staff members often require remote interface using mobile devices. Your IT partners can ensure those individuals are properly trained and the devices are working properly.

Onsite Support

When upgrades, onsite maintenance, and staff training are needed, your Managed IT Support will send the right individual to your location to handle the issues.

CEG Managed IT Services in Napa

CEG in Napa is a leader in IT services. The company has been serving the North Bay since 1989, providing IT support for businesses and individuals. CEG provides day-to-day IT support for many area companies along with large-scale project management support.

To learn more about CEG’s many services and to meet the professional CEG Team, visit us or phone our office at (833)-234-9701.