Voice recognition technology has been around for a while. As with everything else, the applications are becoming more advanced as companies develop new and practical ways to use them.

Home-based voice recognition capability is used to make complicated technology more straightforward and easier to operate. Some are designed to eliminate even the simplest tasks, while others can be incorporated with security systems and appliances throughout the home.

Some allow you to control your home’s entire ecosystem by phoning ahead as you travel home.

Here are some of the more recent home-based, voice-activated devices to appear on the scene.


Convenience: Labor and Energy Savers


  • Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat

With Honeywell’s Smart Thermostat, you can manage your home’s ecosystem settings with voice commands from anywhere, lower or raising temperatures, control the fan, and more. The system even begins to learn your voice commands as you use them. The Smart Thermostat also features easy-to-manage WiFi remote access, convenient touchscreen, and can provide weather forecasts.

  • Umbrela

Umbrela taps into your electrical wiring system to stream video and data to any part of your home. By using a network of microphones, you will be able to command Umbrela to command devices by voice throughout the whole residence or office.

  • HAL

Named for the rebellious computer in the iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey, this HAL® is a far more human-friendly version. The new HAL, created by Home Automated Living, lets you control just about everything from your smartphone. With simple, intuitive voice commands, you can manage the thermostat, appliances, security hardware, and more. While remote, tell HAL to raise or lower temperatures, turn lights on or off, and even ask for the latest news, sports and weather reports.


Entertainment and Productivity


  • Samsung Smart TV

You can voice-operate your Samsung Smart TV without using a remote controller or pushing buttons on the unit. You may access all of your streaming apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, and others by using only voice commands.

  • Kinect

Kinect works with X-Box to control all aspects with voice-activating commands. With this capability, you can operate any X-Box function including cable TV, apps, and even Skype by using voice commands.

  • Athom Homey

The makers of Athom Homey challenge you to reinvent your home by connecting all of your devices to work together. Voice messages to start a movie while simultaneously closing the curtains is one example of Homey’s ability to coordinate more than one device at a time. The program also currently translates up to nine different languages, and the list is growing.

  • Jibo

Jibo looks, listens, and learns as you wish. In the morning, the system can greet you with everything you’ll need to start your days like local weather reports, commute times, calendar reminders, and even the news. Also, the device comes with high-resolution cameras that can recognize faces, enable video calling, and capture photos.

  • Ivee Sleek

From as far away as 15 feet, the Ivee responds to commands like calling Uber, cue up your playlist, and more. As your Personal Assistant, Ivee Sleek can control all of the devices in your home and fetch information from the internet for you. The Ivee Sleek will also wake you at the time you tell it.


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