Mobile device management is a must for any organization that uses mobile devices for business purposes. Today, that typically includes just about any company. 

Digital tech advances like mobile and cloud services make it easier for employees to perform tasks remotely, but they also increase the risk of cybersecurity threats. Mobile device management (MDM) provides your business with a scalable, comprehensive solution that monitors and regulates your mobile network while increasing its value. 

Along with IT consulting and cloud services, CEG offers tailored mobile device management that ensures your business’s mobile devices are secure. 

Business IT Support: Why Mobile Device Management is Necessary 

Most employees, remote or not, use their own mobile devices to handle day-to-day business tasks that range from mundane to highly secure. Failing to secure personal devices could result in security risks and other complications. 

For anyone unfamiliar with MDM, here are five critical reasons for investing in this solution. 

  1. Unmanaged mobile devices are a high-security risk. MDM ensures security for every mobile device within your organization’s network. For instance, it can control remote access to highly sensitive data and even data wipe devices if they’re lost or stolen. 
  1. Done right, MDM can save your business money over the long term. Investing in MDM services for personal devices is often far more cost-effective than purchasing separate devices and software—which you’d also need to provide device management for. 
  1. MDM facilitates quicker, more efficient collaboration and workflow management. Employees can complete tasks from any device in any location, and managers can assign jobs and organize and monitor team projects, ensuring internal operations run smoothly. 
  1. Third-party business IT support simplifies internal IT demands, especially as the company grows and the number of mobile devices increases. With MDM, IT teams can do a better job of monitoring devices and watch out for security vulnerabilities and attacks. 
  1. With more people than ever working remotely, there’s a risk of decreased productivity and communication. MDM helps you manage mobility and builds a secure framework for mobile work. Employees have the tools they need to easily communicate and collaborate with fellow team members. 

If you still haven’t implemented a mobile device management solution at your business, now’s the time to make the investment so you can stop worrying about security and start thinking about increased efficiencies and growth initiatives. 

Are You Ready to Implement Mobile Device Management? 

MDM services from CEG remotely manage, support, track, monitor, and secure your business’s mobile devices, and you benefit from: 

  • Simplified mobile device management that’s just as secure as in-house device management. 
  • Reduced pressure on your internal IT team. 
  • Remote management of various BYOD devices that mitigates commonly associated risks. 
  • The ability to control when critical updates are installed on company devices. 

Are you still on the fence about outsourcing MDM services for your enterprise? At CEG, we know that managing mobile devices across multiple end users and locations requires careful planning and expertise. Our MDM solutions ensure your network functions optimally without interruption or security risk. 

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