The breakneck speed at which the business world is progressing has forced many companies to think outside their offices to manage their networks and business systems. This has led to a surge in IT outsourcing with entities known as Managed Service Providers (MSP). A reputable MSP has the capacity to keep up with changing trends and ensure that businesses that utilize them don’t deal with the typical setbacks faced by companies that aren’t equipped to scale.

MSP: The 24/7 IT Companies 

Managed service providers are IT companies that are brought on to manage the information-based technology of a particular client and reduce any downtime and interruptions with service. Furthermore, MSPs put an end to the typical model of fixing something when it breaks and instead proactively seek out potential hazards before they arise. With this end of the business operation taken care of, business owners can focus solely on their daily operations.

Specific Duties of an MSP

While the roles and responsibilities of MSPs may vary from client to client, there are some general duties that virtually all of them perform. Like many IT companies, MSPs take care of server and network support. They also commonly provide cloud services, cybersecurity, system backup, and data recovery services in the event of an attempted hack or lost info. In addition, top-tier MSPs will offer an around-the-clock support desk to ensure clients in any time zone can get the help they need should an issue arise.

In many cases, these services are provided through a subscription model; however, it is not uncommon for MSPs to accept a one-time fee for individual projects. Some examples include infrastructure projects, IT relocation, and consulting.

What to Look for in an MSP

When choosing from one MSP to the next, it’s essential to recognize where the vulnerability lies in the information tech your company houses. For example, if you’re dealing with sensitive information or capital transfer, it would be wise to find an MSP specializing in cybersecurity and data protection. If your business operates in multiple time zones, having 24-hour support is vital to your daily operations. Identify which features best reflect the needs of your business and be sure to check the references of the MSPs you look into.

Take Your IT Outsourcing to the Next Level

Don’t wait for a system failure to upend your business and put a halt to your operation. Taking steps to contract a reputable MSP, like those at Computer Engineering Group in Napa, will keep you ahead of the curve and ensure your company data is safe from falling into the wrong hands.