Today, nearly all travelers demand internet connectivity. In some instances, they may be working as they travel, thereby requiring a reliable WiFi connection. And, others wish to stay abreast of the news or have access to weather information and social media.

Businesses that provide WiFi as part of their portfolio of services must ensure that their systems are fast, reliable, and easy to access. In the hospitality industry, intermittent service can be very frustrating and cause guests to go elsewhere for future visits. Having a good computer support company that provides excellent IT Services can mean quite a bit.

Bay Area and Napa Valley hotels, inns, and B&Bs invest enormous amounts on décor, amenities, marketing, and client services to enhance every guest’s experience. The benefits of these investments are often overturned by weak or unreliable WiFi service. As a result, guests choose not to return, while prospective customers select other options after reading negative reviews about a hotel’s WiFi issues.

Choosing a Managed WiFi Solution

Managed WiFi solutions that are designed, executed, and monitored by experienced IT companies can solve WiFi challenges in any environment. In businesses where clients are likely to linger for more than a few minutes, a reliable system will encourage them to return in the future.

A Managed WiFi Network allows guests to move from one spot to another while automatically switching the connection to the strongest available signal within any complex. If a guest wishes to go from their guest room to the pool or lounge, for example, the system will seamlessly adjust the connection to maintain a strong WiFi signal. The system eliminates “dead spots” and ensures that the connection is strong and secure from anywhere on the property.

How Do Managed WiFi Systems Work

IT Services companies, like CEG Group in Napa, survey your business to create a personalized WiFi design that optimizes performance throughout the property. To create the appropriate WLAN (Wireless Local Network), the IT Services experts will install strategically situated and secure wireless access points, switches, and controllers that maintain a stable connection everywhere.

Once in place, the IT company will provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your system.

Advantages of Using Managed WiFi Systems

Outsourcing your WiFi systems to an expert IT Company like CEG Group in Napa CA provides you with the highest performance, ongoing monitoring and maintenance, and many additional benefits.

A Managed WiFi Solution offers:

  • Lower Cost: The cost of using professional outside IT Services to design and monitor your WiFi network will cost less than employing an in-house IT specialist. Also, the revenue generated (or not lost) by having top-notch WiFi capability for your staff and guests can be considerable.
  • 24-Hour Access to Experts: Your Managed WiFi Solution specialists are educated and certified to work with your systems. Around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance will ensure your system’s performance.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, IT services technicians can expand the network seamlessly without disruption.
  • Security: IT Companies like CEG are armed with the latest, most intense security protocols to ensure your guest’s devices and identities are protected while using the WiFI network.

CEG Group Capability

CEG Group is located in Napa, CA, and serves the entire East and North Bay areas. Since 1989, CEG’s team of experts has supported the IT needs of businesses and individuals with a firm commitment to professionalism, excellent customer service, and continuity.

CEG is committed to staying abreast of the rapidly changing world of computer technology to ensure its business clients remain on the leading edge.

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