One of the easiest ways to create a secure environment for residential or commercial computer systems is with a VPN. As part of our computer support services, CEG can help you achieve online privacy and provide you peace of mind in an often uncertain digital world.

What is a VPN?

As one of the Napa region’s few IT consultant firms offering both home and business computer support, we know how critical it is for all users to guard the privacy of their PCs and business computing systems.

VPN stands for “virtual private network.”  Consumers and organizations have long used VPN technology to encrypt data as it moves from one place to another across the internet. Search histories, online activities, geolocations, and downloaded files are all protected against cyber snoops when you have a VPN installed.

The more confidential information we share digitally, the more likely privacy is at risk and the more critical it becomes to hide your location and encrypt your data.

VPN Benefits

Increased online privacy and security are the primary reasons for using a VPN, but there are many other advantages you enjoy, including:

  • Connecting to a US-based server when traveling outside the country.
  • Reduced risks when using public Wi-Fi, no matter which device you use.
  • Enhanced security for your online banking, credit card, and bill-paying activities.
  • Increased safety when shopping online.
  • Preventing ISP tracking so your online activity isn’t shared with third parties without your consent.

A VPN is also ideal for remote working setups, ensuring valuable customer, client, and company data is as secure as it can be.

VPNs do not, however, make you fully anonymous online. For instance, advertisers use other methods like trackers and cookies to uniquely identify you. And popular sites like Google, Meta (Facebook), and Amazon have sophisticated ways to harvest your data, even if you delete your account.

IT Consultant Services You Can Depend On

While there are options available for you to set up a VPN, keep in mind that you’ll also need to maintain your own server or rent one, which can make the process more complicated. A more straightforward solution is working with a company that secures your internet connection for you.

CEG provides residential and commercial computer support services to homes and businesses throughout the greater Napa region, including external hard drives, software, backup, and security support. Contact us today to learn more about ensuring your private information and data remains that way.