If you’re a business owner with a computer (or laptop) and want to back up your info, your instinct is probably to go with the most affordable option to get the job done. But what most of the cheaper backup systems don’t advertise is they can leave you stuck in the mud in several ways. Keep reading to learn why IT companies say you should think twice before opting for cheap data backup.

Fail 1: Your Data Is Synched, Not Backed Up

Many business owners don’t know that some cheap data backup systems synchronize their files instead of actually backing them up. What this means is instead of having your files replicated and stored, a mirror-image is created. So how is this detrimental? Well, if you accidentally erase or damage an important file on your main drive, the synchronized file will be affected in the same way. This is not what you had in mind, and you should always double-check that whatever system you use actually backs up your data.

Fail 2: Higher Costs Due to Bandwidth

Cheaper backup systems can result in a company using its internet connection when uploading data in a backup. Upload speeds are more costly than download speeds and not usually advertised. If you’re uploading 5 terabytes of data at 100 megabytes per second, your upload would take 5 days to complete. This means more money out of your pocket.

Fail 3: Increased Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks

While there is no backup system that is 100% cyber-attack-proof, some are better equipped to handle these threats than others. We also recommend taking other steps to keep your data safe like a physical, external backup storage device that will not allow for internet intruders to penetrate your device.

Fail 4: Leaves You Unable to Test For Restoration

The whole point of backing up your data is to be able to restore it when needed, and while testing a backup system is very time-consuming, it’s essential to ensure your system will come through for you if disaster strikes. Most inexpensive backup software doesn’t allow for restoration testing, so you never truly know if it will successfully restore your data or not until the moment happens when you need it to. Are you willing to risk your important business files to wait and see? We didn’t think so.

Don’t Cut Corners When Saving Your Data

The bottom line is, while more expensive backup systems may dig a little deeper into your pockets, there’s much more at stake if your business data is lost and can’t be restored. It’s better to err on the side of caution and keep your info backed up and accessible when you need it.

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