Companies often prefer to outsource the oversight of their IT server, network, and applications development and oversight to a professional Management Services Provider (MSP) company. By trusting a proven MSP company to manage and safeguard their information systems, companies can invest their time and resources to more productive, revenue-generating activities.

Managed Services Providers develop, monitor, manage, and secure a company’s information systems. An MSP may provide training, develop software, integrate secure systems, facilitate mobile access, and much more.

How does an off-site Information Technology MSP company like CEG of Napa support their clients’ Information Technology? Here are some critical functions that experienced IT companies can provide for your business:

  1. Cloud-based Information Management: Cloud-based information management offers several advantages. Information can now be securely accessed by only authorized personnel from any place at any time. Also, if a massive power outage or equipment failure should occur, your MSP can quickly access and reproduce your information from a remote location.
  2. Disaster Preparedness: With offsite backup and cloud-based storage, your chances of losing data during a catastrophic event are eliminated. Your MSP personnel can quickly recapture all data at an offsite location and keep your company running without interruption.
  3. Cybersecurity:Keeping your data secure requires the expertise of professionals who continually stay abreast of current threats and can apply securely layered defense mechanisms. Your MSP professionals will install firewalls, anti-virus and malware protection, and filtering to keep data secure. The experts will occasionally provide on-site training for your employees while highlighting the critical nature of protecting your IT systems from invasion.
  4. Continuous Monitoring and Technical Support:MSP will professionals provide ongoing monitoring of your systems and provide around-the-clock support to assist with questions, problems, and human error issues. With remote access, most computer snags are solvable from the MSP location. When needed, a technician can be sent to your location to solve more complex technical or training-related issues.
  5. Planning:Growing companies demand a higher level of IT capability. Your MSP professionals will offer detailed recommendations regarding the systems that will meet your growing needs while staying current with the latest technology and foresee future needs. The mission is to provide the highest level of IT support for the coming years at the lowest possible price.
  6. Managing Mobile Devices: The use of mobile devices to access and use the information within your IT network increases the risk of security breaches. While these devices do increase productivity, special measures and protocols established by the MSP will protect your data from encroachment.

How MSP Services Benefit Your Business

Staffing a full-time IT Department is cost-prohibitive for most companies. IT companies like CEG in Napa employ the professional and certified expertise to develop, monitor, safeguard, and oversee your systems around the clock.

Contracting with IT companies for MSP support offers advantages like:

  • Access to Proven Expertise: For operational support, upgrades, anytime expertise, and planning, your MSP will provide what you need.
  • Economy: Staffing IT expertise is more expensive than contracting with professional IT companies for your information needs.
  • Budgeting: Creating a contract for all IT support becomes a predictable budgeting item. An IT company can project your need annually and establish a fixed fee.
  • Infrastructure: IT companies recruit talent to fill specific roles and positions that pertain to all facets of MSP. When you need help, they will be ready.

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