Each year, IT companies present new developments, opportunities, and applications, always competing to improve our lives by making products more available, travel more convenient, and work-related activities more productive. Some tech developments create new opportunities, evolve to higher levels of sophistication, while a few fizzle out when better ideas pop up.

2020 looks to be a year when several recent trends will gain traction as others begin to appear on the horizon. Staying current with new development is becoming a significant challenge for even the most sophisticated tech geeks.

What’s Coming?

  1. Advance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Manufacturing

AI is not new. Whether depicted as fictional robotic subjects of those 1950s movies or as machines performing repetitious tasks in modern assembly plants, artificial intelligence is evolving into many new areas.  Major companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are leading the way with platforms engineered to apply to specific applications. Similarly, new and smaller companies are developing focused applications to improve customer experiences and refine business operations. These applications can, among other skills, detect human emotion, “see” activities and respond appropriately and even learn repetitious activity from humans.

  1. Deployment of 5G Internet Technology

Currently, China and the United States are in a hot competition to advance 5G technology. This fifth generation of internet capability is designed to facilitate faster downloads and uploads with greater stability. 2020 is believed to be the pivotal year when this degree of connectivity becomes affordable with universal coverage.

  1. Commercializing Big Data

As businesses, healthcare, and energy demand quantum data to improve efficiency, more robust IT cloud services will be essential. Data volume is accumulating geometrically, and IT companies are developing advanced IT cloud services to handle the massive capacity that is required.

  1. Autonomous Driving

Carmakers throughout the world are working diligently to develop computer-managed automobiles that drive themselves. Tesla has created an autopilot mode that works well, so far, on highways, but the company has yet to prove its capability in other circumstances. Companies like BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, GM, and Toyota are also working on autonomous driving, but reaching Level 5 development (complete control without human intervention) is still in the development stage.

  1. Healthcare Breakthroughs

Genome analysis is becoming an essential option for medical diagnoses. Systems developed in the U.S., Japan, and South Korea are replacing MRIs and CT Scans for identifying diseases and injury while providing effective treatment solutions.

  1. Aerospace Technology

Driven by the private sector like SpaceX and Blue Origin, the United States is again participating in space flight activities. SpaceX has already broken one paradigm by recovering and reusing the main body of one of their rockets. The reusability of the core part of the spacecraft makes the concept of intercontinental travel via space economically possible. Such a trip may be reduced from several hours to a mere 30 minutes. While this possibility is down the road, the technology is developing fast.

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