Just about every element of your business is vulnerable when the data about your supply chain are exposed. Your sales volume, turnover rates, payment information, volume and product mix projections, supplier profiles, and far more can be uncovered even when only a small sampling of your supply chain data is visible.

And, if your systems should lock up and become inoperable, disruption in the flow of raw materials and supplies can initiate an expensive or even traumatic interruption in your business.

An even more devastating problem could be that cyber attacks can expose your purveyors to unnecessary surveillance that can jeopardize your relationship while harming their businesses.

Due to the increasing number of threats to businesses from unscrupulous hackers, small and medium-sized enterprises are developing much-needed protection, monitoring, data backup, and IT support through expert IT companies.

Reasons to Develop Supply Chain Security with IT Support

As supply chains become more responsive to business needs through transparency and the ability to anticipate inventory drawdown, organize shipments, and manage payments, shared data has become far more commonplace. Sharing does have to mean allowing exposure to all and always requires high levels of security.

A professional IT support company like CEG Group in Napa will work to protect you and your supply chain from uninvited intrusion.

If you are looking for more reasons to introduce professional IT support for your supply chain interaction, here are three:

  1. Help You Introduce the Right Equipment

The equipment you are using may be wrong, possibly purchased because it cost less, and might be especially vulnerable to outside intrusion. A recent study reported that 16% of companies had purchased counterfeit IT equipment, some of which might even be embedded with spyware. Professional IT support will recommend the best hardware and protective software to buy.

And, even more importantly, your external IT support team can monitor activities continually to identify the all-important signs of intrusion and spyware attacks.

  1. Protect Your Company and Others

Unlike internal communications and company data storage, supply chain intervention can expose many external partners. By hacking into your system, cyber thieves can access your supplier partner systems and eventually get into your suppliers’ suppliers.  Your’s mustn’t be the weak link that allows this access. Your business could disappear while your supply chain struggles with recovery.

  1. Guard Your Hardware Also

IT companies have done a great job of developing ways to detect intrusions into your software networks. Now, hackers seem to be focusing on making hardware more vulnerable by entering the systems with attacks that threaten the stability of the equipment.

Work with Professionals IT Support Companies

According to an Entrepreneur Magazine article posted on December 27, 2019, 150,000 small business websites can be infected with malware at any given moment. The report further states that 43% of all data breaches between November 30, 2017, and October 31, 2018, involved small businesses.

Supply chains connect multiple businesses directly and indirectly. Any intrusion into any one partner can result in problems for all.

In the East and North Bay areas, consult with experienced and well-prepared CEG Group for your IT support to determine your level of vulnerability and to find solutions that make your supply chain safer.

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