Although many work from home or remotely already, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed the workplace landscape dramatically. Currently, a high number of employees are encouraged to work from home to maintain personal distancing and to remain protected from the effects of the virus.

Fortunately, technological enhancements allow us to perform many functions electronically without the need for physical proximity to others.

How Cloud Services Facilitate Working from Home

Employees do not usually work in a vacuum. Whether onsite or off, their efforts require access to add to or draw from their employer’s central database. Thus, companies with employees who work remotely must have customized IT systems that allow authorized individuals to access their systems while ensuring compatibility among all applications.

IT companies that specialize in designing custom managed cloud services can create the means for employees to access data securely while sharing their input. An experienced and certified computer support company, like CEG Group of Napa, will design your computer system to support on and offsite capabilities and cloud services with a centralized network that supports all public and private solutions.

A custom Cloud Services for any company offers advantages that include:

  • A centralized network for all applications and servers
  • Improved backup and disaster recovery strategies that incorporate redundant offsite storage capacity
  • Enhanced data protection and accessibility protocols
  • Proactive maintenance programs and upgrades
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Reduce the costs of data storage

These cost and efficiency-elevated advantages will be enhanced by management’s ability to coordinate virtual communication among all team members.

Work-at-Home Trend

While the pandemic tended to accelerate the surge at-home workers, surveys demonstrate real advantages for companies to incorporate this in their long-term planning. This trend can only be supported by a secure, effective, and appropriately tailored cloud solution and computer support network.

Today, many third-party IT companies are working to create custom cloud services tools for nearly every industry.

According to, as of July 22, 2020, 67% of companies interviewed currently project a plan to adopt permanent work-from-home models.

Some of the advantages of adopting cloud-based and tailored computer support systems include:

  • save money on real estate and utilities
  • eliminate unnecessary equipment costs
  • reduce overhead
  • improve morale and motivation
  • eliminate wasteful commuting time

Also, notably, working from home broadens each employer’s potential talent pool. Management is no longer limited to local candidates who can commute daily from their home to the office. Qualified employees can live virtually anywhere. And, your candidate pool can be broadened with talented men or women who are limited by childcare responsibilities, disabilities, or mobility issues.

Computer Support Professionals at CEG to Learn About Cloud Services

CEG Group of Napa, California, is one of the premier IT companies in the North and West Bay Region. CEG’s team consists of professionals experienced in every phase of business systems.

CEG Group has provided computer support for companies throughout Napa Valley and the surrounding region for nearly four decades. Staffed strategically to design cloud-based systems for at-home and remote work, CEG will tailor your management program to achieve the highest productivity at the lowest cost possible.

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