Today, more than ever, enterprises of every type encounter the challenge of real-time communication and collaboration among team members working in multiple locations. Whether they are office-based, working from home, traveling, communicating from across boundaries, or all of the above, tools are evolving that facilitate seamless and timely virtual interaction. Setting up cloud services to help with your ever-growing and changing business can be done by most IT Companies like Computer Engineering Group.

In the past, Skype and, more recently, ZOOM, have allowed team members and groups to communicate and converse virtually.

As with any technological innovation, an improved, more sophisticated solution has developed that changes the way business is conducted. In this instance, Microsoft developed Teams, a new and improved application that takes virtual interaction, conferencing, and collaboration among geographically diverse team members to a higher level.

With secure, innovative features designed to recreate in-person communications, Microsoft Teams brings individuals together through intuitive tools in an easy-to-use environment for greater productivity and collaboration.

How Does Teams Work?

Microsoft views its Teams application as a “chat-based workplace in Microsoft’s Office 365.” The integration of direct interactivity with Office 365 tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Flow, Outlook Calendar, Forms, SharePoint, and others gives Teams a decisive advantage over other communications applications.

Teams is available through your web browser, a desktop application, and even an app to be downloaded to Phone or Android devices. Teams acts as a secure hub with all the features a Team may need to be productive. Some of these include:

  • Multi-member meetings
  • Integration of all Windows Office 365 tools
  • Whiteboards for sharing ideas
  • Privacy capability
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Chat capability
  • Live event streaming
  • Custom backgrounds for presentations
  • Scheduling (Outlook)
  • Share, edit, and locate content collectively

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, groups can:

  • Operate with a single, centralized hub
  • Integrate all Office 365 tools
  • Assure enterprise security and compliance
  • Access at no additional cost as Office 365 subscriber
  • Employ cloud services securely

Growth of Teams

By April 2020, Microsoft Teams had amassed over 75 million active users, a substantial jump from 20 million users from the prior November. Of course, like Zoom, the growth was significantly propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a CNBC article of October 10, 2020, Microsoft has added many updates this year to Teams that include breakout rooms and the capacity to host up to 1,000 meeting participants.

Microsoft Team’s growth is likely to continue. As more team members will be working remotely in the foreseeable future, enterprises will be expanding into more distant and international markets. IT companies will be working diligently to implement Teams to facilitate enhanced collaboration.

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