Small and medium-sized businesses require the same secure, transaction-driven information and management support that larger companies do. While big corporations employ whole departments of computer and information technicians, smaller enterprises achieve their greatest efficiency through the support of outside IT services.

In retail, owners prefer to focus their attention and resources on their area of expertise. Overseeing hardware and software that supports their business shouldn’t be something owners have to spend their valuable time on.

Hiring in-house staff to oversee all the information needs is a major investment, often more than a small business can afford. This is where IT companies come in handy.


Retail software systems are triggered by individual transactions through point-of-sale hardware. For example, whenever a sale is recorded, on-hand inventory will reduce instantly while the cash, credit card sales, or accounts receivable increase accordingly.

Sales data accumulated over time can produce real-time income and cash flow statements and much more. The information will also provide data to generate sales forecasts and set inventory re-order points based on lead times and lead time variability.

Data from multiple points of sale and locations consolidate instantly into usable information that provides guidance for setting marketing strategies and making staffing decisions.

External IT Support

For small companies, IT services will design, recommend, and monitor hardware choices and software design. As a virtual Chief Information Officer, a competent IT company will:

  • Design hardware and software systems that conform to your company objectives
  • Recommend hardware that always meets your current needs and is scalable to future growth
  • Perform regular maintenance and upgrades without disrupting ongoing activity
  • Source and install appropriate software
  • Establish and secure cloud storage
  • Connect external staff or locations for remote access
  • Maintain system security, provide protection from malware and virus

Maintaining Continuity

The information you collect is essential to maintaining your business. In case of natural disasters, power outages or other unforeseen disruptions, a reliable IT services company will provide immediate backup. With redundancy planning and exterior storage, your IT company can restore your data quickly to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Napa Valley’s Complete IT Services from CEG

Don’t go at it alone. Information technology is an important component of any successful business. Trying to manage everything while staying current with dedicated in-house staff ca be expensive and unnecessary.

CEG Information Services in Napa will address all your IT needs while making sure you have the right tools to grow your business.

For over thirty years, our experts at CEG in Napa have provided professional IT services to individuals and businesses alike. Serving the entire North and East Bay, CEG is conveniently headquartered in the City of Napa.

For more information about how we at CEG can support your IT functions while providing right-sized systems, security, communications, and monitoring, phone our professionals today at +1-833-CEG-9701.