For those lovers of technology among your family, friends, and associates, new and wondrous devices appear on the scene each year before the holidays. This year is no different.

Starting with our smartphones, we, the young and old, have been swamped with more and more high-tech offerings designed to make our lives simpler, more organized, and more intelligent with information, convenience, and control always at our fingertips.

And, to better use the time we have presumably saved, there is an ever-growing list of apps and devices for games, classes, stress relief, time management, security, and much more. CEG, your local IT consultant and IT services provider is here to offer you some ideas for the techie in your lfie.

So, What’s Hot Now?

  • Amazon Smart Plug

Equipped with Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, you stick the Smart Plug in the wall socket, plug in your lamp or another device, and instantly you have voice control.  Just tell Alexa to turn the light on or off. The function will work with any of your electrical devices.

  • MUAMA Enence™

The ultimate translator, this pocket device can translate 43 languages instantly. For business or frequent international travelers, this innovation eliminates confusion and the need to find someone to translate even those simple phrases.

  • SuperBoost WiFi

No matter where you wander in your home, whether in the bathroom, backyard, basement, or garage, SuperBoost WiFi provides 5-bar, super-fast internet for all of your devices.

  • VIZR

Navigate while driving without taking your eyes away from the windshield. Thousands of accidents occur as people look down to check their directions on their smartphone or a navigation screen on to the right of the steering wheel. VIZR connects to your phone’s navigation app and will project maps and instructions onto the windshield just above the steering wheel.

  • Video Doorbell

While generally a practical safeguard, a video doorbell will provide the recipient with a hi-definition video of who may be at the front door. The version offered by Ring, a subsidiary of Amazon, is customizable and has night vision capability. Beware, however, that even an overactive squirrel and the UPS delivery person can set off your doorbell.

  • Drone X-Pro

Haven’t joined the drone craze yet? The Drone X-Pro is a great way to start. This gadget is foldable, lightweight, and perfect for beginners. The drone can be commanded to follow you and even record your adventures from a different perspective.

  • ScreenKlean

Experienced techies know that trying to clean the screens on smartphones, tablets, and computers with ordinary cloths and tissues will leave the surface smeared, scratched, and over time, nearly unreadable. ScreenKlean thoroughly cleans the surface, when used as directed, using Carbon Molecular Technology, the method used exclusively aboard space vehicles.

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