If you have been relatively observant in recent years, you know that technology is changing at an incredible pace. Things that amazed us a decade ago are now commonplace or even passé. Tech developments like cloud computing and 3-D printing that were only ideas a few years ago are now commonplace and being used extensively by major corporations and smaller companies alike.

Growth of Cloud Computing

While no longer a new development, cloud computing continues to expand for businesses and personal computing. The advantages of locating computing capability, streaming content, and data storage off-site saves money for companies and provides instant access to an almost unlimited information and applications.

For businesses, Cloud services offer advantages that include:

  • Reduces operating costs by no longer needing to continually add memory, software, and hardware to manage growth
  • Improves collaboration among co-workers
  • Lowers IT maintenance costs
  • Provides secure data storage
  • Always having new, upgraded software at your disposal
  • Information available on multiple devices
  • Greater efficiency, lower cost
  • Improved environmental impact
  • Requires only an external professional IT consultant to manage cloud services and hardware.

For residential and personal use, thousands of cloud-based applications are available for download to stream music, access books, engage in social media, and more.

3-D Printing

In recent years, the concept of printing three-dimensional objects that were heretofore manufactured and assembled in factories has become reality. In one remarkable instance, for demonstration purposes, a designer “printed” and assembled a working automobile from parts made from a specialized plastic material.

While the automotive industry has yet to adopt this process entirely, many industrial engineers and medical device manufacturers have adopted the programming, Cloud services, and 3-D printing process to create precision parts and custom-made medical devices.

The process is ideal for prosthetic limbs and other medical devices, for example, since these can be programmed to match the wearer’s dimensions perfectly.

Biometric Advances

Biometrics have become an important method of securing entry points and devices. By comparing physical characteristics or biological measurements, security devices allow access only to authorized individuals. Fingerprint identification is used widely in criminal investigation and even for accessing our smartphones. More recently, facial recognition and retina scans have become widely used for identifying individuals.

One recent development is vein identification. This method works by reading the vein pattern in your hands which, like fingerprints, are unique. By using Cloud services to store individual profiles, vein identification may prove to be more efficient and less expensive for building, equipment, and room access.

Cloud Services and More from CEG

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