Are you constantly in a race against time while working? Do you often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? While we may not be able to get you the afternoon off, we can help you save a few seconds and make operating your Windows operating system more efficient and allow you to finish up a little bit quicker. It’s a trade secret across IT companies that works out to save up to 8 full days throughout the year.

Screen Rotation

If you’re tired of office pranksters always getting the best of you, wait for them to leave their workstation unattended and give their screen a nice 90-degree view. You can accomplish this and undo it by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Key.

Toggle Between Windows

This is a great way to prevent yourself from getting lost in multiple windows, especially if you’ve got a few things going at once. By pressing Alt +Tab, you can shuffle through the open windows on your monitor and quickly select the one you want to work on.

Split Screen

By pressing the Windows Key + Right/Left Arrow, you can split the window you’re currently on to compare the information with another window. You can also divide your screen into corners by incorporating the Up/Down Arrow Keys after you use the Left/Right Keys.

Fast Shut Down

If you’re completely spent and want to close up shop quickly and securely, you don’t need to go through every window and shut them down one by one. Instead, press the Windows Key + X and combine it with any of the following for some familiar processes:

  • U – Shut down
  • R – Restart
  • I – Sign Out
  • H – Hibernate
  • S – Sleep

Customize Your Own Shortcut Keys

This is a great option if you frequently use a specific app or folder and want quick access to it. Simple right-click app or folders icon and click on “Properties”. Then all that is needed is to select “Shortcut Key” and combine Ctrl + Alt + whichever keys you would like to utilize.

If you’re looking for IT support or have any other technical questions regarding your device, don’t hesitate to contact CEG today!