For any enterprise, large or small, data loss due to natural disaster or other unexpected events can be traumatic. Without access to even the most recent transactional data, inventory, employee records, payroll, or accounting data, a company becomes virtually helpless in a competitive world. Having access to cloud services within your company can help.

In our modern world, the data we accumulate drives our organizational growth and innovation. For most companies, extended or complete data loss will interrupt production, retard or stall growth, and even mean failure as competitors step in to fill the void.

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable as most rely strictly on their in-house hardware to maintain their businesses. These companies are also more susceptible to cyber attacks that can leave them severely compromised.

Threats to Your IT Systems and Data

Significant data loss may appear from many directions. Threats from external sources like ransomware and malware are ever-present in our society. Harmful “phishing” attacks occur regularly, often intended to steal data and cause harm while leaving those victims with expensive recovery and protection costs.

Environmental causes are also ongoing threats to data security. These may be unexpected natural disasters that are not preventable, yet they still demand that you implement secure backup systems to minimize your downtime.

Critical Role of Cloud Storage

When designed, maintained, and monitored by a professional third-party IT Services Company, cloud services provide a safe, secure, well-protected, and inexpensive data storage option.

Even when your facilities are compromised by natural occurrences like storms, earthquakes, or destructive fires, your data can be backed up, accessible from anyplace to allow your company to continue without interruption.

Establishing a Multi-Faceted Disaster Plan

Business continuity and a solid disaster recovery plan are crucial elements of any enterprise’s sustainability and success. Direct-to-cloud backups supported by a private and secure server provides the highest level of protection.

Your IT Services partner can also supplement cloud backup with remote backup storage physically positioned offsite, easily recoverable in case of natural disaster or other interference.

When Disaster Strikes…

When your IT system is down or compromised, do you have a recovery plan? How will you adapt without product data, accounting and invoicing data, employee payroll records, and more? In a small to medium-sized company, immediate recovery and restoration without backup are tedious at best and impossible in most instances.

With redundant backup systems, either offsite or cloud-based or both, you will be able to withstand all interruptions without impeding your progress.

Working with a proven and experienced IT services partner, you will be able to direct more of your resources to achieve your company objectives while leaving the rapidly changing challenges of data management, cloud services, and data security to the professionals.

Contact CEG Group in Napa, CA

CEG Group is a longstanding, vastly experienced IT Services company that provides third-party support for systems assessment, ongoing maintenance, security upgrades, and data protection through redundancy.

Most importantly, CEG will help you establish a Business Continuity Plan that secures your systems by:

  • Establishing leadership roles and responsibilities within your organization
  • Providing training at all levels
  • Defining contingencies and establishing clear strategies
  • Conducting periodic testing to assess the Plan’s effectiveness
  • Collaborating on realistic disaster response and recovery measures

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