A business relies on its accumulated data to make crucial fact-based business decisions involving finances, investment, customer interaction, human resources, and product and service information. Your data is your company’s accumulated history, and losing it, even for a short time, can be a very traumatic event.

Maintaining a business continuity plan in the event of computer failure, electrical outage, or natural disaster is critical. Even in the worst instance, you need to be able to keep your business running smoothly and seamlessly without interruption. Should you experience a severe disruption that affects your company’s ability to perform, your competition can quickly move in to fill your void.

Many California companies have experienced trauma from earthquakes, tremors, floods, pwer outages, and other disasters while still maintaining seamless access to vital information. These companies clearly used the right solution for data backup and restoration.

Importance of a Third-Party Maintenance Provider

If you are a large company, chances are you have a fully staffed and maintained IT Department. However, the cost of an in-house IT staff can run into the millions of dollars per year, and still, outside expertise is often called in during emergencies.

For the average size or smaller company, IT maintenance services are best outsourced with companies that designed to support enterprise computer systems, maintenance, security, and data storage.

A professional third-party maintenance company will allow management to focus their attention and precious resources on product and client-related improvement.

Proactive Data Security: Continuity Plans

CEG Group in Napa serves the East and North Bay areas. Knowing that disaster can strike businesses from many directions, CEG will work with you to develop a continuity plan that can eliminate the hassles and interruptions caused by natural disasters, outages, and even cyber attacks that can disrupt your operations significantly.

The CEG Process begins with a system assessment to determine your system’s potential vulnerabilities.

Following the assessment, CEG will:

  • Propose a Business Continuity Plan that establishes leadership, guidance, protocols, measures, and training for dealing with disasters.
  • Define contingencies pertaining to all kinds of interruptions.
  • Collaborate on realistic emergency response and recovery programs to eliminate downtime in all types of interruptions.

How to Protect Your Data

To manage the whole spectrum of potential data interruptions, CEG will provide two essential elements of support:


To ensure data is never lost, CEG will establish off-site backup locations for storing data. With off-site storage in place, the dedicated CEG professionals will deploy, monitor, and continually test their Managed Disaster Recovery and Backup Program to ensure operational readiness.


Besides implementing an ongoing business continuity plan, CEG Group provides 24-hour support, scheduled preventative maintenance, security upgrades and monitoring, and more.

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