If your business has kept you too busy to stay current with the latest developments in technology, you are not alone. Each year, innovators introduce time and money-saving solutions to help you manage your business better and provide realtime information to make more informed decisions.

Virtual machines (VMs), in conjunction with computer support by a trusted, experienced IT consulting partner, provide Cloud-based, secure and scalable computing capacity without the expense of additional hardware and personnel to maintain and service them.

Capital savings from incorporating VMs can be invested more profitably to making your products and services better.

What is a Virtual Machine?

A Virtual Machine can host multiple virtual servers in a cloud-based environment that allows companies to expand their IT reach without substantial investment. Employees can access Cloud-based operating systems with a click of an icon from their desktop computer.

In effect, you create separate, virtual “computers” within your existing ones to increase capacity and simulate situations outside of your existing system.

The Virtual Machine can mimic a separate Operating System using software running from your computer. Users can run systems as if they are using an entirely different computer, even offering the ability to operate software that the current system cannot.

For example, you might create a Mac OS on your computer that currently operates with Windows OS, or vice versa. The Mac System will “think” it is operating on your physical computer while it is actually running on a piece of software installed on your Windows computer.

And properly set up, these virtual systems will allow you to use only what you need and pay only for what you use.

Why Do Companies Use Virtual Machines?

Your VM consists of operating systems (OS) installed on your equipment that can access a host server located elsewhere. The server provides “guest” machines to help you access the extensive capacity of offsite computer resources. VMs offer:

  • Extensive Capability: Virtual machines allow operators to manage activities that can be difficult or expensive to perform from their dedicated server.
  • Simple to Update: A professional computer support partner can make sure your systems are upgraded as needed, perform vital maintenance, and manage security patches to keep you safe.
  • Secure: Dedicated security professionals with a proven IT consulting firm partner will maintain multilevel, secure infrastructure that prevents external threats from corrupting your systems. IT consulting companies like CEG Group in Napa maintain the highest global standards and certifications for security and privacy.
  • Scalable: You can easily add more virtual machines to accommodate surges in volume and extra growth. Your systems can always be scaled to match your needs.

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