Virtual machines are a cost-saving alternative to traditional computers, performing most or all of the same tasks as their tangible counterparts. When outsourcing your company’s computer support, virtualization can increase flexibility, scalability, and agility, making IT systems simpler to manage and less expensive to own and operate.

Together with IT consulting services, Computer Engineering Group (CEG) provides the tools your business needs to benefit from virtual machines, allowing you to allocate resources to other profit-generating endeavors.

Computer Support: How Virtual Machines Work

Virtual machines host virtual servers in cloud-based environments, letting you expand your IT reach without substantial financial investment. Creating software-based (virtual) representations of apps, servers, networks, and storage benefits your business in multiple ways, including:

  1. Minimized or eliminated downtime
  2. Greater business continuity and disaster recovery
  3. Enhanced IT productivity
  4. Faster application provisioning
  5. Streamlined data center management

Each virtual machine is self-contained. Putting multiple virtual machines on a single computer enables several operating systems and applications to run on a single physical host or server. Key properties of virtual machines offer their own set of advantages.

  • Partitioning allows you to divide system resources between virtual machines and run multiple operating systems on one physical piece of equipment.
  • Isolation provides fault and security isolation and preserves performance with advanced resource controls.
  • Encapsulation saves a virtual machine’s entire state to files and makes moving and copying them seamless.
  • Hardware independence means you can migrate any virtual machine to any physical server.

Virtual Machines in the Workplace

For growth-oriented businesses, the scalability of virtual machines can be critical to accommodating the growing pains of an expanding IT environment. Because virtual machines can house multisystem operations from a centralized control, you’ll no longer waste time switching between different workstations to manage applications on separate operating systems.

One of the greatest advantages of virtual machines in the workplace is they allow users to safely and securely access desktop environments remotely anytime and from anywhere. Users run apps and programs as if they’re using a physical computer, while in reality, they’re using software running from the computer.

Computer Support & IT Consulting From CEG

CEG’s cloud services include hosted servers that provide flexible storage and backup protection. Our computer support solutions help drive your business forward and ensure you get the full benefit of outsourcing your virtual networks. Let us show you how virtualizing some of your computer resources can help you save time and money while increasing flexibility and productivity. Call CEG at 833-234-9701 or contact us online to learn more and schedule a free consultation.